This is the best binary trading bot that I encountered

My quest for the most honest trading bot:

I have almost disillusioned with the thought that the entire field of trading in various binaries is a hoax after all. I mean I was there for six months and all I encountered was scammers who were only interested in stashing my money and doing away with it. hoodwinking was all they were capable of from day one when you log on to their website to the day that they actually let you hard earned money evaporate into thin air right in from t of our eyes and you can only sit gaping at the screen unable to do anything to save yourself.

When I first read about Binary Option Robot, there was this instinct that there was a trading robot that was unlike others. It promised 80 percent success rate as against 97% and 100% that other frauds did and this itself was a pointer that this website is going to walk its talk. And it did!

What impressed me about the software?

Knowing the nitty-gritty of how trading works and also having experience of losing money on sham websites had made me wiser. I could sniff and tell which was an honest software. Binary option robot was easy to use, convenient and had a menu-driven interface which made it highly navigable.

There are two versions of the software:

The free-for-all version is a smashing hit with traders who stick to this software once they have discovered it. The upgraded or the VIP version of this software is a paid one and has additional features that are worth a try definitely.

Starting to trade in virtually three easy steps:

  1. Start a trading account by pumping in $250. You can deposit by directly linking your bank account o the software or paying through your card.
  2. As soon as the account is activated, the software allows a fully licensed broker who will be linked to your account.
  3. Now, all that is need to be done is to configure the trading robot to the required level of risk and the amount of trade that you like the robot to trade signals for you at.


Sit back and relax!


This hundred percent automated trading robot takes care of your trades while you sit back and relax. If you should have any doubts you can contact their customer service which is open 24/7/365. They are famed for the best customer support in the industry with a live chat troubleshooting and email help which is highly effective.